Friday, 20 April 2007

The Weekly AT Snapshot - Now With Pictures!

Rio Grande Games to Publish First AT Game

Rio Grande Games, spurred on by the runaway success of Days of Wonder's
BattleLore has announced an upcoming Ameritrash title called
Ameritrash Horde.

Designer Bubba Krauss:

"Ameritrash Horde is basically the AT vs. Euro War in a box.
It's a siege game - the Ameritrash Horde is trying to breach the
insurmountable Caylus Wall. The AT players use the patented new
Shooting/Stabbing/Punching SystemTM
, a highly thematic version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. The Euro players work feverishly in the King's mud pits
building bricks for the Caylus Wall by bidding on dirt and moving cubes
around. The AT players win if they breach the Caylus Wall and
eliminate all the Euro players, forcing them to fetch chips and soda.
The Euro players win if they get enough victory points to "impress" the
AT Horde into a hasty retreat."

On the Game's Collectibility:

"We're very excited about the collectible aspect of the game. You
have your common pieces (orcs, merchants) all the way up to your
rares (Michael Barnes, Aldie). Yep, there's even a
Banning of Michael Barnes card. Not to worry, everyone's favorite
villain can return as Barnes The White after he is removed from the game.
We'll also be introducing one ultra-rare figure, available only at Cons -
Mr. Skeletor in Drag. This piece ends the game immediately
and is a designed for those moments when the game has broken
down into a huge argument over whether the game is balanced or not."

So Keep Your Eyes Peeled For...Ameritrash Horde!

This week's AT Snapshot was submitted by Mike Chapel - sworn enemy of the
AT Movement. Congratulations Mike - you're a real man!

Calling all photoshoppers and imagehounds! The Weekly AT Snapshot wants YOUR images! You send the picture, we add the back-story!

If you've got a great image that just screams Ameritrash, email us the URL. It can be an image you created or an image you found on the web. We don't care! If it meets our strict quality standards, we'll publish it in The Weekly AT Snapshot, instantly making you an undeniable global celebrity. We'll even pimp your website if you send us the URL for that. Send all submissions to the "fortressat" address with the word "Snapshot" in the subject line.


Michael Barnes said...

Totally fucking ace, Chapel!

Malloc said...

Yes I must say... Top Drawer!... Good Show.


Thaadd said...

Heh. Now to make a mock box, and add in a few pounds of plastic, and you're golden. ;)

Patrick H said...

As the kicker there should be plastic cubes to simulate the euro pieces. I will be pre-ordering two copies of this sucker.

Nice shot.

MWChapel said...

Pheer may Mad Skillz! ;)

If you like this one, wait till you see my next one, it'll blow you away!

Michael Barnes said...

Chapel, just make sure you listen to the Dice Tower first...they will demonstrate to you how to be funny without being mean. :-|

Patrick H said...

Laughed my ass off at someone posting over at BGG how disturbed they were at the Smith photo used by Michael, that " they were very sad to learn that the poor boy in the photo had died" - only now to lead the AT Hordes to victory after death. Gotta love it.

Glad to see that the Shooting/Stabbing/Punching mechanism was worked into this quality game.

Who is going to post this over at BGG. I'll give it a 10 with rapid fire thumb ups.

Julian said...

Excellent. You're a credit to Euro gamers and Gorillas everywhere.

Mr Skeletor said...

Hey, wasn't there a real boardgame based on this book?

Michael Barnes said...

I'd like to see how the theme/mechanic interface explains how Mr. Skeletor in Drag ends the game...I'm assuming that it requires previous play of a "Tuckbox" card.

robartin said...

According to Bubba, Mr. Skeletor in Drag sends the Shock and Awe Track right off the charts.

Michael Barnes said...

Is that bobcat dude in the game or is that just for illustration?

Also, do you think Jay Tummelson will introduce one of his wacky "fixes" to balance out the Shock and Awe track?

BagpipeDan said...

I'd buy it so hard.

Matt Thrower said...

Wow. I want to know what game provided the base image for that 'shop job - looks like a game worth owning :)

Mr Skeletor said...

Matt it's actually not a game but one of those fighting fantasy books - #50, Return to Firetop mountain.

Matt Thrower said...

Thanks, Skeletor. So it is kind of a boardgame then:

Actually, scratch that. It's a shit game :)

Fortress said...

That boardgame was based on book #1 of the series, the warlock on firetop mountain.
This game: was based on book #54 of the series.

Never played the board games, but I was a big fan of the gamebook series back in the day. I have the whole set (59 books) sitting in my bottom shelf, they made for great solo play. Hmm, maybe I'll do an article on them.

Mr Skeletor said...

"fortress" was me, fuck I hate how this thing works! Gah!

Patrick H said...

I owned the first 5 or so. Even had the monster compendium to create your own.

ubarose said...

We own Warlock of Firetop Mountain. It's a good AT family game. My 8 year old and her friends like it. Way more fun for the AT family than collecting eggs or donkey poopy.

neonpeon said...

Put me down for 300 copies!

Anonymous said...

This game looks good... for me to poop on.

Anonymous said...

Will there be any auctions or wood cubes in this game? If so, I will crap my pants.

Michael Barnes said...

Anonymous, how can you possibly still have any more crap left in your body? You've left so much scattered around these comment posts...

Patrick H said...

Anyone who mentions the word "poop" should be instantly banned - zero tolerance for the "P" word.