Friday, 12 October 2007

The Weekly AT Snapshot--October 12, 2007

"Gee Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"

"The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to do...uh...whatever the hell it is that's supposed to be going on in this game."

Man, I hate abstracts.

Today's image was brought to us by Simon Mueller. Thanks, Simon!


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Michael Barnes said...

Animaniacs is probably the most irritating cartoon I've ever seen in my life, out-annoying even the Snorks or Heathcliff.

neonpeon said...

haha...I used to love Pinky and the Brain as a wee lad (well, a teen lad).

the*mad*gamer said...

My top cartoon has to be "Justice League"

Wonder Woman is done right in that cartoon!

I also love 60's cartoons. I recently received the entire series of "Birdman" or should I say
Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiird Man!

Another note of interest as I was watching the "Clutch Cargo" DVD's I noticed on the credits that the "moving lips" were done by
Tom Vassel.

Michael Barnes said...

Birdman is hilarious...the one where he fights those aliens with the Canadian accents is hysterical.

neonpeon said...

I've only seen Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. Good stuff. :)

Juniper said...

The Venture Bros. is the best recent cartoon.

Do the GIPF games count as Euros, or are abstracts a separate genre?

ironcates said...

I actually like pure abstracts... anything with direct confrontation falls into my gaming interests, as long as it's not an outright effeciency model.

Thaadd said...

Meh. Lack of taste, Barnes. Animaniacs rocked. I was more a fan of the pidgeons or Rita the squirrel however.

Oh. And I liked the Snorks too!

notbillysparkles said...

Gargoyles was definitely one of my all times faves

Oh, and would someone please explain to me what the fuck a Canadian accent sounds like?

Thaadd said...

It's pretty hard to describe. I talk to alot of people on the phone... gotten to the point where I can pinpoint Eastern and Western Canada.

The one stock example is the word 'about'. A typical Canuck will say 'A-bOOt' with a bit of a scoop to the middle. I'm an accent leech, and find myself doing that...

notbillysparkles said...

Reeeeaaalllyy Thaad? then pray tell what part of Canada am I from?
(I'm that ruggedly handsome, shaven headed, pot bellied, bearded guy that you met at Gencon, that you mistakenly thought was Billy S but ,in fact, was Billy Z.)


That's the funny thing about(aboot?) us Canuckleheads: everyone assumes we speak in some cooky accent. The one you describe is definately from the Maritime regions-- somewhat similar to the coastal areas of New England I've noticed.

I have never heard anyone fom the Montreal area speak with any particular accent unless:

1)They are first generation immigrants
2) They are French Canadians

3) They are Native-- generally older generations

and 4) they're Maritimers living in Montreal.

So? Be honest, did you think I was acanuck when you met me?

Billy Z.

Juniper said...

I'll let you in on a secret, here -- this is just between you and me, OK?
When there is no American within earshot, Canadians speak with Czech accents. And they wear mustaches.

Thaadd said...

Heh. I was so bloody tired by the time I met you, I expect I was having trouble talking myself ;)

I met a few people from my game the weekend, and I am still to sheepish to clarify which ones. I am also REALLY bad with names. When I was at University, I could sit in a class with someone 15 weeks, and not figure out their names...

GenCon Exhibition hall is hardly fair venue for assessment! loud! Tired! hungry! Over-peopled!

My godmother was from PEI, which may be partly why I associate the Maritimes with Canuck...

notbillysparkles said...

Ahh. The granny from PEI would definately explain why the accent seems to register so much with you.

Wait, you don't remember me!?And you use days of demoing Starcraft to the faceless mob as an excuse?

I'm hurt.

Oh and Juniper... you KNOW what happens when our dirty laundry is aired in public... I can confirm that clean up is on it's way-- that's as fair a warning as your gonna get.

Thaadd said...

Well, if you had SAT my Demo, Mr.

notbillysparkles said...

Well... *insert sheepish grin here*
ya got me there.

How dare you play the guilt card--- fight fair damn you!


Mr Zir said...

I really like the purity that an abstract offers, but the game must have a fairly transparent ruleset so that you feel like you are fighting your opponent and not the rules.

My favorite cartoon is definatly the Fox X-Men series (not the new ones). The art, casting, acting and directing were all excellent. The animation could have flowed a little better, but I think the slight choppyness added to the effect. Second would be Transformers, for the sole reason that giant robots changing into stuff is really cool.

Michael Barnes said...

Purity shmurity...give me the filth and squalor of layers of theme.

Speaking of Transformers...anybody remember that lady transformer that was like a ninja or something?

notbillysparkles said...

I thought she was Optimus' girlfriend--you know:the pink one, when they lived on Cybertron, before they crashed on Earth... isn't she the one that had some kinda special power that would allow her ot stop time or something. I think it had something to do with her voice.

Goddamn you Barnes, this is the kinda shit that's drive me loopy until I figure it out.

Thaadd said...

Ah, the Internet. Full of useless info.

krizman said...

Q: How do Canadians spell Canada?

A: c-AY-n-AY-d-AY

You gotta say it aloud.

BTW, I'm partial to the Rambo cartoon myself.

Juniper said...

Speaking of Canadians and cartoons, the venerable "Rocket Robin Hood" will be released on DVD a week from today. There are two volumes; each one contains 26 episodes. Does anyone remember this trippy old show from the 60's? I think it has been rerun in Canada almost continuously since it was first aired.

notbillysparkles said...

I watched Rocket Robin Hood all throughout my childhood. In fact, now that you mention it I kinda miss the show. It's like someone took down a picture that' been hanging in the living room forever.

Oh, btw, the answer to Barnes' question is Nightbird. the only thing being that she was human made and therefore NOT a transfromer-- I knew that something wasn't right.
(thanks Thaad)

I think I still remember the theme music to Rocket Robin Hood...


There's something elese I'll be compelled to look up.

Thaadd said...

By the way. When are getting another mailbag, Skelly?! You've got to be moved in by now.

MWChapel said...

What happen Guys? You all giving a week of silence in observance of ESSEN?


Muzza said...

I think it's hysterical when people think they don't have an accent. If you are speaking you have an accent, unless you communicate through the medium of dance or mime or similar.

Mr Skeletor said...

[i]By the way. When are getting another mailbag, Skelly?! You've got to be moved in by now.[/i]

The mailbag is empty.

Ken B. said...

No way! There's a letter in there that's unanswered. Get to work, Skelly.

Michael Barnes said...

What happen Guys? You all giving a week of silence in observance of ESSEN?

A who and the what now? Essen?