Monday, 22 October 2007

F:AT Invitational.

Ok So I have the 8 players for the game and I will be inviting 2 replacement players Just in case.

They are:
Will Kenyon
Mr Skeletor
Big A


I need everyone to who has not done so already to send me their email addresses. Either message me on BGG or email them to buccheri at

If i do not hear from you by 5pm on Tuesday the 23rd I will replace you.



Michael Barnes said...

Fifty bucks on Will Kenyon, I'll go $75 if he pulls Mindnet or Yssaril.

Big A said...

Mindnet will be the early favourite I pity the fool who starts in their quadrant

Mr Skeletor said...

If this is space why cant I go in sections that don't have board pieces? What do they represent?

Malloc said...

Vast areas of emptiness that would take multiple generations to pass though...

Its a fucking game man!


Michael Barnes said...

If you go past the map you wind up in SPACE DEALER.

kriz said...

They represent supernovas and vast amounts of radiation that destroy any ship. Or the feeding grounds of huge roaming space monsters the size of planets themselves. Or maybe ships can only travel fast enough through special channels carved in the space time continuum, or something. Or maybe roving bands of space pirates. Or {scaryvoice}GOD!{/scaryvoice}

Michael Barnes said...

But Kriz...[Shatner]WHAT DOES GOD NEED WITH A STARSHIP?[/Shatner]

Ken B. said...

They need to come up with a reason why you can't leave that part of space, y'know, something like Grand Theft Auto does.

"Sorry son, there's a massive Space Hurricane going on, all outbound space traffic is hereby prohibited."