Saturday, 25 August 2007

Trashfest 2008

Today I received an email from KingPut, who, as readers of this blog may remember, is the ex-second-best Caylus player in the world and my brother. He is planning on proposing TRASHFEST, a wildcard tournament to run concurrently with Eurofest 2008. (for more information on Eurofest

He writes:

I think for the 1st year or 2 it would be best to run it with Euroquest. If it's run as a wild card type event as part of Euroquest we would only need about 20 people participating to make it viable. If there is enough interest in later years it could be run as a stand alone conference. We'd pick 6 - 12 Ameritrash games that people can play anytime during the weekend. Scoring for Trashfest would be similar to the Wildcard events: # of players * # of hours the game takes = Trash Points. Winner takes all. There is no 2nd place in Ameritrash games.

KingPut, despite his recent psychotic break during WBC, is a pretty together person and seriously has the ability to make this happen. What he needs, however, are game suggestions and an idea if there are people who are actually interested in attending. My suggestion was that he propose games that I'm good at so that I would win and then he would have to refer to me as "your highness" for an entire year. He didn't like that suggestion, and asked me to solicit some real suggestions from you all.


Tom Hazlett (Southernman) said...

I stuck a few ideas down in his post over there Trashfest 2008

Malloc said...

oh I am so in!

I suggest.....
war of the ring
Risk 2121231134 or what ever that year is
war on terror
conquest of the empire (original rules only)
gammarauders (with expansion)
Oh no there goes Tokyo
Tide of iron
ti3 (4player)
Nexus ops


Pat H said...


ubarose said...

Pat H said...


Euroquest has been being held in Timonium, Maryland, which is close to Baltimore. I believe they try to hold it on Veteran's Day weekend. I think that last year it was on Thurs - Sun, rather than Fri - Mon. For more information on Euroquest check out the website

StephenAvery said...

That's a pretty long walk from here. Otherwise I would totally be there. Besides, I've got to put Malloc in his place from his lucky run in Space Crusade...


Pat H said...

Thanks - Probably wont make that but I wont rule out a trip to the States as I haven't been down yet this year.

KingPut said...

Also posted at BGG. I'd like to propose to Game Club of Maryland (GCOM)that we move Trashfest up to be part of Game Days May 1 - 4, 2008 in Timonium, Maryland. Game Days is basically a four day open gaming event. But over the last couple of years there have been outlaw events, mini tournaments, demos and even a game design contest. So I’m proposing the biggest outlaw event ever "Trashfest". Attendance has been steadily growing at Game Days since it was started in 2001: 119 (2005), 155 (2006) and 175 (2007).

As I mentioned earlier we’ll use the wildcard / open format. Variety is the key. Points are given for each different Ameritrash game you win vs. having to play the same game over and over and over again. Arkham Horror and Fury of Dracula is more about the experience of playing than winning the game so for Arkham Horror points will be divided (win or lose) among all who complete the game.

Three Woods will be given out for the following categories: Scary / Wizard Trash King or Queen, Beer&Pretzel / Guns&Butter Ameritrash Warlord and Future Gangster Ameritrash Pimp.

Scary / Wizard Trash games: Prophecy, Return of Heroes, Arkham Horror and Fury of Dracula, maybe 1 additional short game. GM: Ubarose (if we can get her to fly down from CT) and Alex Brown?

Beer&Pretzel / Guns&Butter Trash: Risk (any version), Axis & Allies, Battlelore, Memoirs 44, Tide of Iron, Samurai Swords. GM: Rich Shipley? (I'm sure we can get Keith Levy to help with A&A, Battlelore and Memoirs 44)

Future Gangster Trash Games: Gangsters, Cash & Guns, Stock Cars, Roborally and Nexus Opts, Twilight Imperium 3, Buck Rogers - Battle for the 25th Century. GM: Malloc? and gang

GM responsibility (Actually it's easier than it looks in this list): Selecting 5 games (I’ve only put in my suggestions but one of the perks of being a GM is that you’ll get to select your favorite games), recruit Assistant GM’s to help you out, round up enough of each game (2-3 copies if possible), set up a demo time for each game and a start time for game usually 1 hour after the demo. Note: Since were using a wildcard or open format the games can actually be played at anytime but for a longer / multi-player game it maybe useful to set up at least 1 meeting time for the games.

StephenAvery said...

Speaking of Trashfest...

I'll be the first to leak out the info on the Mercer Game Extravaganza! in Atlanta, Ga (Home of the miscreant ATer's)

OCT 19-20 with tourneys, special activities and a theme Room (why horror of course-its right before Halloween). Specific details are hasitly being cobbled together but the date and location are secured.

This date roughly coincides with local game guru Frank Branham's 40th so count on him to provide some additonal weirdness. Richard "Arkaham Horror" Launius, Micheal "Persona Non Grata" Barnes, and Dan "Chili Cookoff" Baden will be there to liven up the activities.

Count on us to try to round up other rabble for your gaming and pie throwing amusement.

Personally I'm pushing hard for a Live Action Verticon event with real weapons ( so far the best we can find is some tennis rackets and an couple of window fans....


P.S. I put a duplicate post in the BGG. I should have posted this earlier but details were still sketchy. (Err...Sketchier)

Jack Hill said...

The Mercer group is infected with a lot of us, isn't it.

Mercer would not support us naming an event Ameritrash, or Trashfest, or what have you. But they'd provide very, very cheap space.